MegaLive Utenax Capsule


Product Registration No. MAL18016007TC

Halal Certificate No. MS2424:2012 1073-07/2012

Promo Pack: 2X60’s+15’s

*Suitable for Vegetarians


A natural kidney health supplement that helps to improve urination and maintain overall bladder, kidney and urinary health.


  1. Improve urination.
  2. Protect against inflammation & bacteria infection of urinary system.
  3. Decrease production & increase excretion of uric acid .
  4. Improve overall bladder, kidney & urinary health.
  5. Cardio-protective effect through anti-inflammation and blood pressure lowering properties.

Why MegaLive Utenax Capsule?

  • A blend of natural diuretic herbs which has been used for century to support kidney cleansing.
  • Natural kidney cleansing formulation for body detox, kidney care and removal of excess body fluid.
  • Additional cardio-protective effect others from kidney care.


Adults: Take 2 capsules once daily after meal or as directed by doctor/pharmacist or your healthcare professional.


   Each 500mg Vegecap contains:

   Celery Seed Extract

   (Semen Apium Graveolens)


   Juniper Berry Extract

   (Fructus Juniperus Communis)


   Dandelion Extract

   (Herba Taraxacum Mongolicum)


   Bearberry Leaf Extract

   (Folium Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi)


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