Do Not Purchase Broken Seal Products

Buyers Be Aware!!

We are issuing a customer alert to purchasers of MegaLive products with regards to unauthorised distribution of MegaLive products.

Starting from the manufacturing date of 1st January 2017, all MegaLive products are given a specific ID barcode sticker.

DO NOT purchase if the specific ID barcode sticker is broken/ missing.

MegaLive FloraMax – Broken Seal

MegaLive Omega 600/300 – Broken Seal

We NEVER request retailers to remove the barcode for extra rebate/ discount towards end users.

The suspicious-origin MegaLive products could pose a DANGER to consumers and there is NO GUARANTEE of their quality, efficacy and safety of use.

If a customer finds a MegaLive product that is suspect, please contact us to verify of its authenticity.

Complainant is highly advised to lodge a report immediately to the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) for further action.

Attachment: Official Letter

Management Team
MegaLive BioSciences Sdn Bhd